Looking For Phone System Supplier

Before getting your office new phone system, it is important to understand your requirements. Knowing the features needed can help you on negotiating with phone system suppliers. When considering getting new phone system, do consider the number of lines and extension needed in the company. What should you take into account when planning for your new business phone system?

As the business owner, you will need to foresee the extra need and future development of your business. Although your current phone system is working well on this stage, it may not capable when expansion happening in future time. If you would like to expand your business in the future, PBX phone system is one of the choice among the market. It allows you to expand the capabilities by adding expansion card to increase the number of port. Don’t forget to consider about the potential cost, such as ports extension and maintenance. Make sure the cost is stated clearly by phone system supplier and the price is affordable for your company.

Looking For Phone System Supplier
Searching for a reliable phone system supplier is not an easy task. A good phone system supplier will not only sell you the products, but will also provide excellent, guaranteed installation and service. They will help you on any questions arise even after sales. In the other hand, they will also guide you from planning and selecting the suitable system, implementation of new system, and training for the staff. A good phone system supplier will also happy to share with you the experience of other users. It is suggested that to invite the potential phone system supplier to visit your company to have a proper idea of your existing system and analyse the future requirement. If your business required 24/7 support from supplier, expect to pay more than regular supplier.

When approaching phone system supplier, you may ask the questions such as request for phone system demonstration, installation of the system and cabling, the range of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) offered, training and maintenance cost for the facilities, guarantees and warranties offered.

To conclude, decide the type of phone system that suit your business’s needs. Plan the size of your new phone system according the amount of line and extension needed, also the future expansion. Decide the extra features you need for your new business phone system, such as voicemail, auto attendant, and etc. After knowing your requirement, you may start looking for phone system supplier. Arrange demonstration for the suitable phone system and work with the chosen supplier to purchase the right phone system for your business. Arrange training session for your staff and make sure they know how to function the phone.